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Notes From the Darkroom

Photography by Tamara Kuzminski

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Cyanotypes and all things blue

I’ve been interested in alternative photographic processes for a while now, and have experimented a few times with a few different methods. Perhaps I’m trying to find my unique photographic vision, maybe I’m rebelling against the pervasiveness of digital mediocrity, or it might be that I just have an insatiable curiosity. I’m not really sure. All I do know is that I am enjoying learning about these different photographic methods and the history and the chemistry and the physicality of the processes. I feel like I’m really creating works of art. Or at least just creating.

So two weeks ago I headed up to the Joe Cornish Gallery in Northallerton for a cyanotype workshop held by the delightful Moira Fuller from Hunt and Gather Design. They are deceptively easy to create and wonderful in their blueness (even if I am not a fan of the textured paper we used).

Cyanotype - Loch LomondCyanotype - Snowdonia

I doubt that I will become totally absorbed in cyanotypes, but they are certainly a fun distraction. I have a few ideas that I’d like to play with before I maybe move on to something else. Or maybe not. We’ll see how it goes. I feel that being non-committal and just going where the muse takes me is the ideal mindset for me and my photography right now. Or at least until my next workshop and another alternative process takes my fancy.


16 December 2013

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